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Customizable American Oldie (one-set MOC 42093)

August 2020, Sunday 9th
Formulas 1 [09/07/2016]

Three formula 1, three alternates... The first, rather small, is made from set 42031. The second one, bigger, is made from set 42048. And the third one is an alternate of the 8070 supercar!

A few reviews on [23/11/2014]

Not so much creation those days (because of lack of time), but a first step in the world of reviewing. Here are a few reviews (in French) I contributed for (click on images to access the reviews) :

Curiosity Rover
The Curiosity Rover (Lego CUUSOO).

Lego House
The "Lego House" (limited edition, bought in Billund).

MrTekneex's Jeep
A Unimog alternate by MrTekneex.

Differential and new domain [17/04/2013]

A new model has been added, with a home-made differential built using the 8051 technic motorbike.

This blog has now its own domain name, :)

Overcraft, Unimog, LDD and Amara! [11/11/2012]

The website fully migrated to Amara 2.0 and does not depend on the 4suite libraries anymore. I finally came to an idea for a model to build with the 8051 technic motorbike: a hovercraft. The new model is online, and was digitalized with Lego Digital Designer, instead of MLCad, as I finally managed to get it running under Linux! Building with LDD is much easier, although some combinations cannot be achieved because the software does not account for the flexibility of some lego parts. The big advantage, however, is that building instructions are automatically generated in an easy way, allowing to gain some time. As for the lego sets, I could not resist any longer and bought the Unimof, which I found on sale at 119 euros! I did not hesitate long...