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Rescue Jeep (one-set MOC 42030)

A one-set MOC built from the 42030 Volvo Frontloader. It uses the four motors from the original set:

  • Servomotor for steering (+ working steering wheel),
  • XL and L motor for the rear transmission and the fake engine (V6),
  • M motor for the crane.
The Jeep has a two-wheel drive. The rear axle is pendular, and the steering features a Ackermann geometry. The two XL and L motors are coupled via a differential, which allows to add or substract their rotations (x = 220 rpm for the XL motor and y=390 rpm for the L motor). As a result, four gears can be emulated:
  1. L forward, XL backward: V = y - x = 390 - 220 = 170 rpm,
  2. XL forward, L off: V = y = 220 rpm,
  3. L forward, XL off: V = 390 rpm,
  4. XL forward, L forward: V = 390 + 220 = 610 rpm.
The model also features openable hood and doors, and adjustable seats.

Lego sets used

42030 See on Peeron See on Brickset See on Rebrickable


Created on: June 2016, Saturday 11th.

Part list

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