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A proposal of B model for the 8051 set. Building a secondary model for a motorbike that is NOT another motorbike is kind of a challenge in itself! As the original set offers quite some extranumerous parts, I allowed myself to use two extra tires for this model. Actually, if I remember correctly, there was an old technic set which also proposed these tires in order to build a dragster as a B-model... The wheels drive the fake propeler, as well as the two cylinder motor. The model is far from being perfect: the steering wheel is inverted (turning the wheel to the right drives the hovercraft to the left :s).

The building instructions were generated using Lego Digital Designer. The resulting digital model has a few errors and approximations, as I could not reproduce exactly the real mount (flexible and rubber parts for instance). The pictures should hopefully help getting it right.

PS: the background picture was taken at Hvide Sande, on the west coast of Denmark.

Lego sets used

8051 See on Peeron See on Brickset See on Rebrickable

Building instructions



Created on: Thursday January 19th 2012.

CAD model

Model discussion on seTechnic (in French)