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Here is a 8069B alternate. While the 8069B looks promising from the pictures, it disapoints once built. This model suffers from some defaults on the front part, as the wheels are too much appart and the arm (including the grapple) are not that handy to manipulate.

This model is a remake of the frontpart, to convert it into a loader. The rear part is unchanged, only one axle connector is replaced by a beam 3 (closed to air filter). Two mini-LA can lift the arm, as in the original model. The second function was converting for the bucket tilting. In this version, the wheels have been move one stud inward on each side. In the end, we lose one function (the grapple) and one mini-LA, buit the design is improved.

Lego sets used

8069 See on Peeron See on Brickset See on Rebrickable

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Created on: Frebruary 2014, Friday 6th.

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CAD model

Model discussion on TechLug (in French)