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Customizable American Oldie (one-set MOC 42093)

A one-set MOC built from the Corvette 42093. This MOC features the same functions as the original set: steering by HOG and rear transmission with differential. It also adds one more feature: adjustable ground clearance, allowing to customize the car. Customization also includes lateral exhausts. The ground clearance can be controled from the car trunk, with a difference of two studs between the two positions. The transmission is more complex than the one in the original set and requires more gears. As a result, steering is operated by rods only. The hood can open to see the underlying mechanics, including the V8 engine. Design is inspired for the 70s Dodge Charge, mostly for the front part. It is not a real reproduction though, as it is only a one-set MOC.

Lego sets used

42093 See on Peeron See on Brickset See on Rebrickable


Created on: August 2020, Sunday 9th.

Part list

Model presentation on TechLug (in french)

Instructions (2 euros) at Rebrickable