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Another proposal of a B model for the 8051 set. Or maybe a "C model", as in good old timer lego technic sets. Such models were often without instructions and only depicted by a few shots and drawings. Their design was rather simple and non-optimal, sometimes even using non-conventional builds. The goal of these models was to show a different building technique or mechanisms from the A or B models. This was the original idea for this model, as I realized the 8051 set contained everything to build a differential. How to use a home-made differential when only two motorbike wheels are available? The Chopper theme therefore came in a straightforward manner.

The next contraint was to use the shock absorbers, in an "inverted" manner: the big ones in the rear, and the small one in the front, using a parallelogram. As a differential is to be built, the model of course includes the original three-cylinder fake engine.

The first draft of the model took a few hours to build, in a single week-end. Finishing up, however, took several months. A rather big challenge were the rear shock absorbers, as they are too soft. It happened to be impossible to find a good position so that the vehicle looks good when on rest, and still does not reach the ground when compressed. In the end I had to constrain the absrobers to prevent the bottom to go too far down. The central part was rebuilt several times, with the help of pictures in order to get a more realistic version. It is of course far from being perfect, but one has to remember that this model in a one-set MOC, therefore with a limited set of parts. The handlebar was rebuilt several times too. The final version is by far the best one from a long series of attempts.

This model comes with a rather complete instruction set, organized in sub-models (generated with the LIC software). Hoses are not connected.

PS: the background picture was taken from the top of Montparnasse tower, in Paris.

Lego sets used

8051 See on Peeron See on Brickset See on Rebrickable

Building instructions



Created on: Sunday April 14th 2013.

Part list

CAD model

Model discussion on TechLug (in French)