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Cement mixer (one-set MOC 42093)

A one-set MOC built from the 42093 Corvette. While the inventory is mostly oriented towards building cars, this alternate proposes something somewhat different: a cement mixer! It uses most of available parts, in particular, all the gears. Besides the working direction by HOG, the model proposes a rotating mixer, driven by the rear wheels (through a differential). Behing the cabin, a clutch that uses a 20t with pin hole can disengage the transmission and the mixer can be controlled via a HOG on the left side.

Lego sets used

42093 See on Peeron See on Brickset See on Rebrickable

Building instructions



Created on: December 2019, Sunday 8th.

Part list

Model discussion on TechLug (in French)

Model presentation at Rebrickable